Full Smile Restorations with Implant Dentures in Roanoke

Dental implants are flexible restorative treatments that do more than replace single teeth. By using multiple implant posts as anchors, Dr. DeMichele is able to attach full-arch restorations, like bridges and dentures, in a way that is comfortable and long-lasting. For patients dealing with the burden of total tooth loss, we offer the benefits of permanent new teeth with implant dentures in Roanoke, VA.

Implant Dentures vs. Removable Dentures

Removable dentures have been the standard treatment for total tooth loss for decades. While full dentures mimic the look of natural teeth, they aren’t known for stability or comfort. Upper plates of traditional dentures block the palate, making it difficult to taste and enjoy food. Removable prosthetics also loosen throughout daily use, and can slip out while you’re biting into your favorite meal or trying to hold a conversation.

Implant-supported dentures do not present these lifestyle or oral health complications. Because they are held in place with surgically installed implant posts, permanent dentures are exceptionally strong and don’t move out of place during the day. Implant dentures also don’t rub against or irritate gum tissue, so you can enjoy a natural-look and feel for your whole-mouth restoration.

Long-Lasting, Life-Like New Teeth with Permanent Dentures

To begin your implant treatment, Dr. DeMichele evaluates your oral health and the state of any remaining or damaged teeth. Restoring a whole smile with implants and dentures can include any of the following options, depending on your budget and oral health condition:

• Screw-Retained Dentures
• Hybrid Dentures
• Full Implant Bridges

While each treatment method uses a different number of implants to stabilize your full arch restoration, ranging from 2-6, all choices for permanent denture care offer life-changing improvements in patient wellness, comfort, aesthetic, and function. Implants should be seen as a cost-smart investment in your long-term oral health. Standard restorations, such as cemented dental bridges or removable full and partial dentures, cause potential damage to healthy teeth and require replacement every few years. But implant-supported dentures from our Roanoke dental office become a permanent part of your smile.

Getting dentures with implants does not negatively impact the health and wellness of existing oral structures and requires only minimal maintenance for long-term efficacy.

Learn More about How Implants Can Change Your Smile

Implants make the perfect restorative solution for permanently stabilizing full dentures or correcting total tooth loss.  If you have removable dentures, or if you’re in need of a stable solution for large amounts of missing teeth, contact our Roanoke implant dentist for your consultation.

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